Most businesses simply do not realise the large number of different internet access options available to them. Opting for high bandwidth does not always mean faster downloads. Contention ratios, distance from the local exchange and line quality are all equally important.

In fact, by simply changing provider and/or access method your business can benefit from improved access speeds, greater reliability and smaller bills.

Jaguar are experts on internet access. We will talk you through the many options now available.

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Some of the broadband options available:

  • ADSL – the most common and generally the most suitable solution for most small businesses. Typically providing a maximum of 8Mb download speeds.
  • ADSL2+ – the next generation of ADSL that uses faster equipment in the local exchange and typically provides a maximum of 15Mb download speeds.
  • FTTC – meaning ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ uses BT’s 21CN next generation network (the copper cabling in the road, between the green cabinet and the local telephone exchange, has been replaced with fibre optic cables). This means that speeds of up to 40Mb download and 10Mb upload are available in some locations.
  • Leased line – a dedicated, private internet access with Service Level Guarantees, this is the answer for heavy internet users that require an uncontended ‘always on’ service.

Important Note

All ADSL services are dependent on the quality and distance of the copper wiring between a customer’s location and the point where the copper joins the core fibre optic network, which is typically the local BT exchange. However, with the upgrading of the network, the core fibre optic network is being delivered right up to the green cabinets you see dotted along the side of roads, thus replacing vast lengths of old copper wire.

This in turn is revolutionising the broadband speeds that are available. The number of businesses that can benefit from FTTC is increasing all the time as Openreach upgrade the network.

To check what types of broadband service you can obtain (including FTTC), please click this SPEED CHECKER link and follow the prompts.