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If you need a technology refresh, are moving offices, or operate in multiple locations, Jaguar Telecom can provide expert advice on all the available telecoms options, including explanations of the latest technology and how it might help your business.

We will tailor a solution to meet both your current and future needs, and make sure everything works together seamlessly.

System Upgraders

Is it time to replace that old phone system?

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Office Movers

Do you need a stress-free office move?

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Multi-Site Businesses

Do you need to connect your staff better?

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‘I’d like to say how much we appreciate the great service and advice you have always given.
We are always happy to to recommend you.’
Clare Warren - Wealth-X Ltd
‘I was impressed by the way Jaguar Telecom took the time to understand our business and our overall goals, before proposing a solution.
Efficiency has improved and costs have come down.’
Andrew Devine - Beaver Travel
‘We put all our telephone calls through Jaguar Telecom. They offer a great service, a selection of
competitively priced packages and are always available on the phone.’
Graeme Godfrey - Bestworld Financial Management
‘Jaguar Telecom have completed telephone installations in two buildings, and have always been knowledgeable and efficient!
No complaints, whatsoever.’
James Perris - De Villiers Chartered Surveyors
‘Jaguar Telecom has handled the installation and management of our telecoms for five years.
They are always very reliable and professional, and response times are fantastic.’
Kevin Lewis - Fairview Lifting Gear Services
‘Jaguar Telecom are great – from initial evaluation to installation, it was very smooth. They respond quickly to queries, and their hosted solution compares very favourably with other non-hosted systems in the company.’
Lawrence Henry - Statons Estate Agents
‘From the outset, Jaguar Telecom presented a clear and understandable view of our new telephone network,
which they followed through to installation.’
Gunther Walker - Solar Management

Hosted Telephone Systems

Jaguar Telecom are specialists in Hosted Telephony, with over 10 years experience in the business telecoms market place. We provide, install and support a fully managed Hosted VoIP phone system, specifically configured to meet your individual business requirements.


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What is Hosted Telephony?


Most businesses simply do not realise the large number of different internet access options available to them.

Opting for high bandwidth does not always mean faster downloads. Contention ratios, distance from the local exchange and line quality are all equally important.

In fact, by simply changing provider and/or access method your business can benefit from improved access speeds, greater reliability and smaller bills.

Jaguar Telecom are experts on internet access. We will talk you through the many options now available.

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