Are you on the move?

If you’re:

  • Planning to move office
  • Opening new offices
  • Moving from serviced to rented offices
  • Starting a new business

We can provide expert advice on all the available telecoms options, including explanations of the latest technology and how it might help your business. We’ll then tailor a solution to meet both your current and future needs. Our experienced engineers can help make your move a success by installing cabling and broadband in your new premises.

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Case Study

Paythru is the only mobile payment system that works on all mobile handsets, on all networks and with every bank, anywhere in the world.

“We were moving to a new, larger office building and Jaguar’s installation of a new, state-of-the-art VoIP system was seamless. It’s made a massive difference – with call costs going down significantly. We can pick our own numbers, allocate DDIs and key staff can even use the system when they’re abroad. They use the same telephone number so, in essence, they’re making an internal telephone call.

Simon was great – all in all an excellent experience. The day we moved in he arrived at 8.30am and the whole phone system, with 26 handsets, was up and running by 11.30am.

Our strapline is ‘money on the move’ – I like to say that Jaguar provides us with ‘communications on the move’.”

Chris Russell – Business Development Manager, paythru Ltd