Hosted VoIP

Jaguar Telecom are specialists in Hosted VoIP and IP phone systems, with over 10 years experience in the business telecoms market place.

We provide, install and support a fully managed Hosted VoIP phone system, specifically tailored to your individual business telephony requirements and needs.

Hosted VoIP for business is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for many companies, particularly those looking for a fully featured telephone system without incurring the large capital outlay.  A Hosted VoIP phone system is also the perfect choice for multi-sited companies, as it can seamlessly connect everybody together, regardless of their location.

Best of all, our Business Licence package includes FREE unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles.


Our Hosted VoIP service delivers the following business benefits:

  • FREE Landline and Mobile calls*
  • Web based management and control from anywhere
  • Regular software updates at no additional cost
  • Instant changes to call routing when required
  • Ability to add, remove or change users in seconds
  • A system that easily grows with your business
  • Full integration with your mobile phone
  • An array of features designed to give you full control of your telephony
  • Easily and quickly movable to another location
  • Ability to retain your existing phone number(s)

All of this can be achieved by implementing a business VoIP system. So get in touch now to book your free onsite demonstration and see what Hosted VoIP can do for your business.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP, or Hosted Telephony is an IP phone system that is hosted in a remote data centre. The users (extensions) of the system connect to it via a dedicated broadband link and are therefore using VoIP to talk to each other.  Therefore every user becomes part of one, central phone system that is completely integrated.

In addition to all of the benefits opposite, our Hosted VoIP systems give you all the features you would expect from a business class phone system, including:

  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited Hunt Groups
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Logging and Call Recording
  • Hot Desking
  • Call Conferencing
  • And Many More……..